My Airbnb Review | Asheville

Ok, folks. It’s official. I stayed at my first airbnb. In Asheville. And I made it out alive.

Overall, there were some awesome and some not-so-awesome things about living in someone else’s home for a weekend.

(Side note: so glad Brian’s take-out cup made it into the above photo. We classy.)

The price. I mean, you really can’t beat it. If you want to go somewhere cool on a serious budget and you don’t want to camp or stay in a sketch hotel, this is what’s up. To add to all the awesomeness of the price, the house was beautiful and clean and close to town. This was an older home, filled with antiques and cute decor, just a short walk from downtown. But, none of that walking to town nonsense in February. We drove. Because TWENTY DEGREES. And I forgot my boots. (More on that in a later post). The hostess was so sweet and helpful. It really makes a difference to come right into a situation where you have a personal connection to all the local goodness going on. She told us of the best parking garages, some great restaurants, and anything else we could think to ask. Our bedroom was spacious, with enough room for a bed, a cute vanity, and a couple of comfy chairs. We had a small kitchen available right outside our room with a coffee nook. We didn’t need the kitchen, because we were all about the local food in town…but Y’ALL, THERE WAS COFFEE. Glory in the highest!

Sharing a bathroom. That one speaks for itself, right? You guys, that’s really my only complaint. But, that’s also something I already knew going into this whole airbnb thing. So, technically, it’s not a complaint. I booked our room, knowing that was the situation. It just wasn’t my favorite part about our stay. By a long-shot. Let me paint the picture for you. We were in an upstairs portion of the home, separate from the owner. In that part of the home are three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a kitchen. Two people in each room. There you have it. I didn’t like having to wait for someone I didn’t know to get out of the shower at 8am just so I could go pee. I just like my own space, ya feel me? But, if you’ve read any of my other blogs, you know I believe that sometimes it’s necessary to make small sacrifices for greater experiences. So, either we can go places and get a little uncomfortable. Or we can stay home.

Guess what we chose?

Also, did I mention there was a super cute coffee nook in the kitchen?

AirBnB Review  

Do you have any questions about our airbnb stay? Hit me up, I’m an open book!

xo | Brooke

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