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5 Tips for Working Out on Vacation

Friends, I have the inside scoop on keeping it real on vacay. And by keepin’ it real, I mean, workouts and healthy eats…all the things you do that consistently keep you feeling good, inside and out. We traveled for almost four weeks out West last Summer and I consistently worked out, so I feel like I should shed a little light on the subject. My family likes to travel a lot, and exercising and eating healthy is just a natural part of my life. So, I’m not going to leave these parts of my life behind everytime I leave my house for a few days.  Continue Reading

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Paleo Baklava Bars | Recipe Wednesday

You guys, it’s no secret I love dessert. Like, give me ALL THE SWEET THINGS, ALL THE TIME. But, it’s also no secret that I’ve got goals. Sugar and mystery ingredients aren’t exactly things I want to be putting in my body on the daily. So, you can see how this could become quite a predicament. But, for this problem, there is a beautiful, beautiful solution. Honey and almond flour…making Paleo desserts yummy since, well, I don’t know when. But, regardless of when those nectar-of-Heaven ingredients showed up on the scene, I am thankful.

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