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When Mom life looks a lot like being a politician…

I recently shared on social media (in my stories, of course, where all the juicy stuff happens) about making a Shepherd’s Pie for the first time. Side note: it was really, really, really good. So, in making this Shepherd’s Pie, I mommed super hard and I hid a bunch of brussel sprouts inside. And by hid, I mean…y’all, no one knew. Not a soul. Not even Brian. Obviously, I’m a good, honest, Christian wife and I ended up telling him after he ate it, but still. He didn’t know. And the kids? They still don’t know. Two helpings deep, they have no clue. To this day. And don’t you dare tell them.

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Swim with the Ducks: Tips for Camping in Florida

Recently, the Buffs took a few days off on the front end of our Spring Break to head south to do some camping in Florida in hopes of warmer weather and sunnier skies. Life doesn’t always happen the way we plan (shocker), and we ended up wearing sweatshirts most of our days. But, when we’re on our A-game, we try to make ourselves be do what you can with what you have kind of people, so we embraced it, windy wind and chill bumps and all. Continue Reading


Three Things You Absolutely MUST Eat in Washington, DC

As I sit here next to a cup of black coffee with an empty banana peel on my desk, I am thinking about food. You see, some of my dear friends and I were slightly inspired by Jen Hatmaker’s craziness genius and have officially embarked on a “7” challenge of sorts. This week is…you guessed it…food. So while I’m limited to some kale and sweet potatoes and avocados, I found myself casually browsing through some irresistible food photos from our little excursion to Washington, DC back in December. And now, here I am writing about it. So, there’s that. Continue Reading