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How to Make your Yearly Christmas Light Viewing Ride Even More Epic

It’s December. It’s time to do all the Christmasy things and make memories and form new traditions and drink lots of cocoa. So, if you’re anything even remotely like my family (or at least, Elle and me), soaking in all the Christmas you can involves some pretty serious Christmas light browsing. But, we don’t just do your regular ole run of the mill ride-through. We take our Christmas lights pretty serious around here. Continue Reading

Mom Life

How to Plan a Date Night on the Cheap (Childcare Included)

Married couples, hear me on this. Date night is important. Maybe it’s a little more of a big deal to me than Susan because I’m a quality time person, but still. It’s important. It’s 2017 and if you have internet or have ever scrolled through facebook or even pinned a cute outfit idea on Pinterest, you’ve undoubtedly ran across a blog (or 163) about how important a date night is with your spouse. So, you don’t need me for that. What you need me for is to tell you my epic plan for how to actually take a date night like the damn internet keeps telling you to…without spending all your dolla dolla bills. Continue Reading